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WARNING! Pursuing Your Dream May Inspire Others…

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I was speaking to a friend of mine who’s in the process of applying for drama school and it reminded me of the decision I made years ago to train...

Amercian Reel Monologues

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Daniel Francis – Amercian Reel Monologues


"Daniel is highly adept in an unconventional field of expertise. He is an expert at dating and courtship, honing his skills and intuition through years of dedicated practice."

Professor Fernand Gobet

"Your presentation touched me deeply. And it has been instrumental in choosing and planning what to do to get the life I want, from Clarity to Creativity. Thank you."

Bo E. Copenhagen, Denmark

"I had a lack of self awareness that I needed to change and that change was possible. I applied what we learned and now I have abundance in a way I never dreamt possible. My life has transformed."

Sim S. Silicon Valley, USA

"I have been in my industry for almost 15 years working on interesting projects and getting paid well, however I was getting frustrated that I was no longer growing in my career and not progressing. Daniel has taken my career to a new level!"

Alex A. Brisbane, Australia

"I’m excelling socially, I’ve got this new relationship and I’ve started to fly in my career! All the things that are going well in my life right now are the effect of all the things I’ve learned from you, that’s amazing."

Thor Arn. Stockholm, Sweden

"I believe that business is a competition, and by having Daniel in my corner I have a competitive edge over others that have not invested in themselves."

Pat Lee. Los Angeles

"I believe I learnt more in an hour with Dan than I had this entire calendar year."

Sid V. Toronto, Canada