About Daniel Francis

For the past 10 years, Daniel Francis has been recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts in personal leadership development and relationship management. In his role as a senior consultant for a leading personal development company, Daniel was voted as the top key note speaker for 4 consecutive years.

Daniel has directly impacted the lives of more than 4,000 people across 4 continents with his book, multimedia, public speaking engagements, and live events. Daniel began his journey as a personal development coach, drawing upon experience learned through overcoming the struggles he faced when he was younger.

Starting his first marketing company at age 21, it took him years of self-reflection and improvement to develop himself into the expert of communication and personal development that he is today. Working together with business leaders and CEOs of multinational corporations, Daniel seeks to improve the lives of those whose paths intersect with his own.

Since his introduction to the personal development industry, Daniel has built a proven track record of improving and increasing the efficiency of team dynamics through effective communication for his clients.

What Others Had To Say About Working With Daniel…

Daniel is highly adept in an unconventional field of expertise. He is an expert at dating and courtship, honing his skills and intuition through years of dedicated practice.

The interviews with Daniel suggests notable similarities between skill acquisition in dating and other domains of expertise. Given the nature of learning and development – in which skills are acquired through practise that promotes gradual changes in physiological and cognitive mechanisms – perhaps it should be of little surprise that deliberate practice could play a significant role in the development of everyday interpersonal skills like dating.

-Professor Fernand Gorbet and Morgan Ereku, Psychology Today

Daniel has taken my career to a new level. I have been in my industry for almost 15 years working on interesting projects and getting paid well, however I was getting frustrated that I was no longer growing in my career and not progressing to a managerial level. My existing level of pay was unsustainable unless I could progress to a managerial role which I have now been able to achieve.

-Alex A. Brisbane, Australia

I’m now putting together three demos, hiring a top music lawyer to tie up the copyright and intro me to artist and/or their managers. Plus send the demos to top producer-songwriters to collaborate with me. A fun Adventure!

-Steve L. London, U.K

I had a lack of self awareness that I needed to change and that change was possible. I applied what we learned and now I have abundance in a way I never dreamt possible. My life has transformed. Working with Daniel has given me simple clear insights into holistic change and I’m a better leader. Daniel is someone who knows how to tap into your hidden potential

-Sim S. Silicon Valley, USA

I’ve actually been fortune enough to have one on one coaching with Daniel. I believe that business is a competition, and by having Daniel in my corner I have a competitive edge over others that have not invested in themselves.

-Pat L. Los, Angeles

If I only had to choose one person to coach me in the most important aspects of life – regarding relations, social life, dating life – simply to become the ultimate elite man that you can ever be, I would choose Dan Vercetti one hundred times over. I have seen many people trying to do what he is teaching, and he is simply the best.

-Thorstein, Sweden

Your presentation touched me deeply. And it has been instrumental in choosing and planning what to do to get the life I want, from Clarity to Creativity. And the Body Language was INTENSE. It solved my life long problem with eye-contact. Completely. In one hour. Thank you.

-Bo, Copenhagen

What I valued the most, however, was interacting with and being in the presence of Daniel. In-seminar, he would be relaying the relevant theory to us and the next thing I knew, he’d be sharing an entrancing story (e.g. the time he was motorcycling in Thailand). It was surreal. I had never experienced someone so good at weaving his thoughts. And not only that, but his storytelling was mesmerizing. I recall many times where I’d be sitting there, eyes wide open, face frozen in awe at how emotionally engaging he was. Just experiencing that gave me an image of how an emotionally expressive and confident man behaves and communicates.

-Carlos, San Diego

You’ve planted the seed, and now everything you taught me is soaking into every part of my brain.  I have the voice of Daniel constantly playing in a loop, in my head. I know it’s not likely we’ll meet again anytime soon, but I’m sure it will happen.  When it does, the first thing I’ll do is shake your hand and give you a hug, because you’ve helped me more than I can explain with words.  In a short period of time you’ve helped me more than people I’ve known my whole life, or anything I could read in a book.

Jed. United States

This seminar fixed a life-long problem of mine, in just one hour. We had exercises in eye-contact and presence and I was teamed up with a young, very nervous guy. There was a lot of nervous laughter, but when Vercetti tells you to do something, you do it, and after just a few minutes the room was filled with an atmosphere of masculine mindfulness that astounded us. After these exercises the nervous, fidgety boy in front of me now stood tall like a confident man.

-Mark. S, Sydney