WARNING! Pursuing Your Dream May Inspire Others…


I was speaking to a friend of mine who’s in the process of applying for drama school and it reminded me of the decision I made years ago to train as an actor also.

I dropped out of college when I was 17 and had been bumming around for about 3 years “figuring out” what I really wanted to do.

I was producing music, started a marketing business, and was doing some amateur acting while flirting with (read: procrastinating over) the idea of going to drama school.

The moment that shifted it all was when my mum, who was around 50 at the time, told me she was going back to college so she could take her child care career to the next level

What?! I was struck! There was me at 20, reluctant to go to drama school because I thought I was too old, and my mum who in my eyes was old as heck at the time (sorry mum), charging forward to follow her dream.

Needless to say I was inspired, plus my excuses were gone. I applied and was accepted into one of the top drama schools in world.

Children are watching their parents and modeling not only what they say but psychologically how they think and how they behave.

That one move from my mum changed my life.

She had no idea what effect her decision would have on me…

And YOU have no idea who YOU’LL inspire by taking steps towards YOUR dream.

So take a BOLD step in the direction of your dream

But be warned…

You may inspire those you care most about more profoundly than you know. J

Live Free, Love Fully, Leave Your Legacy!


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